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Sports Halls

Promiscuity and sweating oblige, sports clubs are real nests microbes. The machines on which we spend (treadmills, exercise bikes, weights, dumbbells, …) are prone to microbial contamination.

The bacteria deposited on these machines are not safe for health because they can cause serious diseases such as pneumonia for example. But more importantly, they can be multi-resistant to antibiotics and become extremely difficult to eradicate.

On this basis, FitRated, an American sports training site wanted to know more and to quantify the number of bacteria which athletes are liable if they do not take the minimum precautions to protect themselves.

On different machines, the authors of the study and raised over a million seeds every two square centimeters. To be speaking to the sporting tried to embark on its elliptical bike without asking any questions. FitRated had fun little game to comparisons and the numbers are staggering:

⇒ On a bike there are 39 times more bacteria than on a cafeteria tray. 
⇒ For a treadmill there are 74 times more bacteria than a tap in public health. 
⇒ And on dumbbells there are 362 times more bacteria than a public toilet window.

In the locker room, moisture promotes microbial growth and the closed and restricted spaces also facilitate the transmission of viruses. The changing rooms of a gym are sources of contamination to treat imperatively.

perspiration odours and sweat nébulisas are also sources of contamination to treat.

Our solution and provide answers to these issues:

Applying COVPLUS® on ceilings gyms, as well as changing rooms, purify the air by neutralizing bacterial and chemical origin smells like sweat, sweat, perfumes, …

Applying CERTIBAC® on bars and handles machines allow neutralization of infectious agents, including rotaviruses that cause diarrhea.

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