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The use of public toilets has many risks: 

  • contamination by contact with the lid, the bowl, the flush button, the switch and the door handle.
  • Projections up to 25 cm above the bowl aerosol effect of contaminants on the walls, floors and people nearby favoring gastroenteritis.
  • odors (faeces, urine, menstrual blood, sweat …).
  • hard cleaning of soiled areas.

Our Global Solution:

  • BACPLUS ® applied on the ceiling and a distance of 50 cm below the ceiling remove odors and disinfect the confined atmosphere of the place.
  • CERTIBAC ® applied to the bowl and on the lid and the lid (interior and exterior) avoid the use of harmful and costly disinfectants in favor of biological and durable solution. 
    This continuous disinfecting toilets and ensure healthy through his property ‘Easy To Clean’, a cleaning ease dirt.
  • Applying CERTIBAC ® on the switches, flush knobs and faucets, hand dryers, door handles lower the risk of contamination by contact.

We performed various tests on public toilets that have demonstrated the effectiveness of our overall solution.

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