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There are three major dangers in food:

  • Microbiological hazards.
  • The dangers associated with poor personal hygiene. 
  • Chemical hazards (maintenance)

Food poisoning often results from poor hygiene (personal) or cleanliness during food preparation, or poor cleaning practices of the furniture used by customers including the tables.


Some institutions (particularly the proponents fish restaurants) are facing odor issues. This problem often concerns the garbage room, others are facing the same problem for the smell of frying.

Our Global Solution:

CERTIBAC ® applied to the room furnishings ensures a controlled contamination below acceptable contamination baseline, without the need for regular use of a disinfectant dangerous for staff and customers.

CERTIBAC ® applied on the kitchen furniture neutralize any risk of contamination during food preparation phases.

BACPLUS ® ensure healthy air without unpleasant odors in the kitchen or in the waste room.

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