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Our product CERTIBAC® is adapted to be directly applied in the manufacture of objects to give them a permanent disinfectant action without the need for an expensive and dangerous. It gives the treated surface good resistance to abrasion, but also easy to clean thanks to its ownership Easy To Clean.

Some examples :

  • Switches.
  • sanitary facilities (toilets, flush, hand dryers, …).
  • Doors and handles.
  • ATMs.
  • Household appliances.
  • public facilities.
  • Lifts
  • Keyboards

This list is not exhaustive because the potential applications are too numerous to count.

Our products can be used in the food industry to protect a production line compared to implanted biofilms ( Escherichia coli , Pseudomonas sp …)

By controlling and neutralizing airborne contamination to acceptable levels by the application of our solutions, our processes help maintain the baseline of contamination under control. Thus we are bringing real innovation that will ultimately avoid too extensive use of disinfectants safety health remains to be assessed.

Our airborne products ( COVPLUS ® AND BACPLUS ®), are used in industrial environments, in addition to their disinfecting action, to solve problems of odors due to solvents, paints, biological contaminants (containers, bins), smoke, …

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