We are all exposed to everyday life from the surfaces we touch, such as door handles, stair hand rails, public transport. The transfer of the bacteria and viruses is done mainly by tactile contact. BYD solutions can offer a revolutionary solution to help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

With our effective and especially economic way to remove air and surface germs (bacteria, Viruses, Fungal etc) and odors, by treating surfaces with our titan affect CERTIBAC. This transparent coating with instant UV drying incorporating a permanent and lasting anti-bacterial action. Once applied the solution acts 24hours a day. CERTIBAC makes it possible to render the surfaces anti-bacterial and to reduce the risk of contamination crossed by tactile contact.

Previous works

Surface treatments for door handles, sanitary areas, bank cash points, basically anywhere that can be touched.

This division offers services to:

  • Anti-Bacterial coatings for all surfaces
  • Removal of bacteria to surfaces and air
  • Reduction of the spread of viruses and germs
  • 10 year application process
  • No maintenance required
  • No Building alterations required


What is anti-bacterial coatings?

It is a system that once applied to any surface, including touch pads door handles, hand rails, basically anywhere that is touched will clean that surface of all bacteria.

what is the cost?

This can vary depending on areas that need treating. We are happy to provide free quotations for your requirements.

how long will the system work for?

Once applied the system will work and continue to clean your surfaces for UP TO 10 years.

HOW FAR DO YOU TRAVEL for this service?

We travel anywhere in the UK or Abroad for this application.

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