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The transfer of infectious agents (bacteria, fungi, viruses, …) is carried out either by direct physical contact (touch), or by breathing air exhaled by the wearer of this agent (airborne).

When speaking of hygiene, we mainly think of the health institutions and the fight against nosocomial infections which kill in France each year more than 7,000 people. 
For cons, the development of microbial contaminants is not only the matter of health institutions, it must also be considered upstream of the hospital, in vehicles of medical transport.

The application of hygiene protocols and best practices are not always enough to act sustainably on microorganisms, products used for cleaning does not ensure a reliable permanent protection.

With this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive solution to touch and airborne microbial treatment. This is a durable and acting retentively on the development of infectious agents fighting against cross-contamination.

Our Global Solution:

Applying BACPLUS ® on walls and ceilings of the vehicle will help ensure clean air, odorless and without microbial growth thus forming a pandemic barrier.

Applying CERTIBAC ® on affected parts (door handles, tables, stretchers, ..), destroy microbial contaminants and enhance hygiene without the need for a permanent and continuous use of disinfectants expensive and often dangerous the operators.

As the matrix CERTIBAC ® resists abrasion, chemical attack thanks to a very closed structure, it prevents the penetration of liquids, acids and alkalis which makes it very easy to clean “Easy to Clean”. Tactile surfaces are protected without being attacked out by using strong disinfectants.

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